Friday, August 24, 2012

Open office hours in September

I’d like to open another dialogue opportunity for any faculty, staff or students who would like to talk with me.

This September I’ve set aside some time every week at each campus. The format will be relaxed and informal. You don’t have to book an appointment. Just come on by and say hi, and bring any thoughts, ideas, or questions about educational matters.

I like to meet and talk to people and I learn a lot whenever I do. So I want to make that a priority, and one way to make sure it happens is to build some time into my schedule.

I look forward to meeting as many people as possible, and to keeping this going through the fall semester.

Here’s the schedule for September. At New West, my office is in 4900. At Coquitlam, it is B3035.

Tues. Sept. 4, 1-2pm, New West

Thurs. Sept. 6, 10-11am, Coquitlam

Mon. Sept. 10, 11-12pm, New West

Thurs. Sept. 13, 1-2pm, Coquitlam

Mon. Sept. 17, 2-3pm, New West

Thurs. Sept. 20, 11-12pm, Coquitlam

Mon. Sept. 24, 2-3pm, New West

Thurs. Sept. 27, 2-3pm, Coquitlam

See you then.



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