Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strategic Planning Employee Survey - defining what we mean by "Progressive"

In our recent strategic planning survey, Douglas College faculty and staff said clearly that in the near term we need to focus our efforts on Teaching Quality and Learner Pathways.

I invite you to view or download the survey report [PDF].

Today I'd like to share my thoughts on a survey question that yielded much less consensus: What does "progressive" mean to you?

We asked you:

At a high level, our vision of being 'the most progressive college' means that we adapt to meet the changing needs of learners. At a practical level, what does 'progressive' mean to you? What changes to you think Douglas needs to make in order to be 'progressive'?

We got a wide range of answers. Here is a sample:
  • embracing change
  • having effective decision-making processes
  • making the best use of our people
  • making effective use of technology
  • ongoing dialogue about what teaching and learning are all about
I agree that all of these are components of a progressive institution.

I would emphasize the strategic goal of Seamless Learner Pathways. We've made good progress towards this goal and our vision is clearly progressive. Becoming a leader in offering seamless learner pathways puts us among the most progressive post-secondary institutions anywhere.

Achieving more consensus on what 'progressive' means will make our strategic vision more concrete and help us become more focused as an organization.

So you can expect this topic to be part of the discussion at our next strategic planning town hall forums in March (changed from February dates mentioned earlier):

At Coquitlam, March 7, 4-6pm in the Boardroom.

At New Westminster, March 14, 4-6pm in the Boardroom.

These events, open to all, will be opportunities to talk about what we've accomplished and what still remains to be done in order to achieve our vision for 2015. [Feb 17 note: Town hall forums are planned with employees in mind, and so the discussion will be shaped for faculty and staff.]


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