Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strategic Planning Employee Survey - great response

Towards the end of 2011 I invited Douglas College faculty and staff to share their perspectives on the implementation of Pathways to Success, the Douglas College 2010-2015 Strategic Plan.

You can delve into the survey results in this report [PDF] published by our Institutional Research and Planning office. It makes for fascinating reading.

In the survey, we asked: What changes have you seen in our external environment? How has your work changed? What goals should we focus on in the short term? And what does 'progressive' mean to you?

Despite the heavy work load at the end of the fall semester, I'm so pleased that nearly 300 of you made time to answer those questions. Thank you. That's a really good response and it came from a broad spectrum of people, most of whom work on the "front line".

About half work with students in the classroom. A quarter work with students outside the classroom. And a quarter work mainly with other employees and people outside the institution.

We had a good mix of newer and more experienced colleagues. And every area of the College was represented, which is valuable for an organization as complex as Douglas, since circumstances, needs and perspectives differ across departments.

Your answers were thoughtful and constructive as well as heartfelt and passionate. It's clear that you care about the College, and that you know your work is important.

Over the next few days, I'll share some of my thoughts about the survey results. And I encourage you to do the same, either by leaving a comment here on the blog, or by contacting me personally.

I want to emphasize that your feedback and engagement are essential. Our strategic plan emerged from dialogue and we need to keep listening and talking in order to focus on the changes that matter most to our students and to the communities we serve.

The feedback you provided in the employee survey will be reflected in an upcoming progress report on the implementation of our strategic plan, which will be ready in mid-February.

And your feedback will also shape two town hall meetings planned for the end of February. I'll let you know the dates and times soon. These events, open to all, will be an opportunity to talk about what we've accomplished and what still remains to be done in order to achieve our vision for 2015.



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