Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Douglas College is amazing

You know what’s amazing about Douglas College?

It’s that we’re a place of tremendous transformation, facilitated by highly skilled teachers and excellent support staff.

Our major university partners are world class and they do an excellent job in many respects. They have an orientation towards accepting students with high grades. And when those students graduate, by and large, they still have high grades.

By comparison, Douglas College accepts a much wider range of students. We have our share of students who have excelled academically. And we also welcome students who may be less academically prepared but who are ready for the challenge of post-secondary education.

And we help all of these students succeed. For example, reliable data shows that Douglas students who transfer to major universities end up doing just as well academically by the time they graduate as the students who started at those universities.

That’s what I mean when I say that Douglas College is a place of tremendous transformation.

Douglas College is also incredibly diverse culturally. Easily, we must have one of the most culturally diverse student populations in Canada.

Exposure to diversity is a great benefit to all our students, who must learn to communicate and collaborate in a global context.

It’s amazing and impressive that Douglas College is so successful in accommodating so much diversity. Just think about that. Obviously, it takes highly skilled teachers. Ours are among the very best. They know how to create learning environments where everyone can thrive and succeed at reaching the same learning goals.

And it takes excellent support staff to deliver the wide range of services needed to accommodate such a diverse population.

That is what’s amazing about Douglas College. --Scott


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