Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Douglas College is poised for growth!

Douglas College is growing!

Our 2010-2015 Strategic Plan (PDF) sets a bold vision for Douglas to become the largest and most progressive baccalaureate degree granting college in BC.

And indeed, we have set an ambitious growth target of at least 1,000 new, credit FTEs over the next 3-5 years.

This growth will be in new and existing programs geared towards meeting the needs of a changing economy and a changing society in the Lower Mainland and in BC.

Already over the past 2 years we have gained momentum with the launch of the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) program, and the imminent launch of two post-baccalaureate diplomas which are scheduled to start this Fall: Psychosocial Rehabilitation (in Humanities and Social Sciences) and Math and Science Teaching (in Science and Technology). In addition, we have several programs in the proposal stage: BA in Liberal Arts and Business Studies; BA in Applied Psychology; BBA in Marketing; and several advanced certificate and post-baccalaureate diploma programs.

It's time to share with all our employees and stakeholders the blueprint for achieving this crucial and exciting growth plan.

I believe we have 3 important success factors in place: strong leadership, sufficient financial resources, and a source of great ideas.

In terms of leadership, I'm very pleased to tell you that our growth will be led by Dr. Kathy Denton. She's the right person in the right place at the right time.

Financial resources are in place, in the form of what we are calling the Program Development and Implementation Funding Envelope (PDIFE). That name is a mouthful, I know, but there it is! What's important is that we mean business: there will be adequate funds available in this envelope -- enough to develop new courses and programs, hire new faculty where required, launch the programs and keep them running so they have every chance of success.

The funding comes largely from contributions from Douglas International, The Training Group, and Continuing Education areas.

I said we have a source of great ideas too, and we do: it's us, it's you! Ultimately, great ideas for new courses and programs can come from anywhere. But I expect many will come from our own faculty.

Get more details now from the PDIFE web page. There, Kathy Denton explains exactly how the Program Development and Implementation Funding Envelope works, and how you can contribute a letter of intent to get your idea into the process.

This growth process is innovative and incredibly exciting. I'm not aware of anything similar, anywhere. We are presenting the college community with a rare opportunity to create and grow, to find new ways to meet the needs of our community.

I look forward to your ideas!



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