Friday, April 16, 2010

Draft strategic plan coming soon

I've let College employees know that a first draft strategic planning document is almost ready to share with them.

I expect that it will be widely distributed towards the middle of next week.

I want to encourage all employees to review the draft plan and consider:

1) What's working for you?

2) What's not?

3) How can we make it better?

The document is very much a work in progress. It needs employee input and it can change based on that feedback. And we will allow enough time to carefully consider everyone's thoughts.

To create opportunities for dialogue, we are planning a set of employee "town hall" meetings for early May, after we're past the deadline for submitting final grades. Dates and times will be established soon.

For those who can't attend one of those meetings, I hope you will contribute your thoughts through this blog. --Scott


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