Monday, February 22, 2010

Draft strategic plan is underway

During the Olympic break, we are beginning to write a draft of a strategic planning document that should be ready to share with employees in mid- to late March.

I thank everyone who contributed their time and thoughts throughout this process. Thank you to those who participated in and facilitated the discussions on our seven key themes [PDF]. A great deal of information was shared at each session and I am reading the facilitators' summaries as well as the comments and suggestions that have been posted on this blog.

We also held community partners’ breakfasts in New Westminster, Coquitlam, and Maple Ridge and you can read a summary report [PDF] of the three events.

Additional community input is still being sought through a web survey. And we are also running a web survey for students to gather their ideas.

The energy, enthusiasm, and great interest that has been exhibited throughout the strategic planning process has been truly inspirational. Douglas College employees, students, and the communities we serve continue to demonstrate a clear commitment to the values and vision of Douglas College. --Scott

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  1. Mr. President:

    I follow your blog on strategic planning the last month or two. Not sure why, employee Retention is not one of the key themes, and there is not much discussion on this topic. I am not sure if Employee Retention Strategy has a place on the strategic plan that is underway?

    What is the most valuable asset of Douglas College? I would say, our team of talent. When we move into 2010 the external environment change a lot. Employee is looking beyond salary and job security. The day that people lineup for jobs are gone. Our most valuable resource, talent, is attractive to other institutes!

    I am not saying that employee is being ignored at Douglas College. We have a well establish ER division. Campus Life is great. I personally enjoy and benefited from some of the employee development workshops. We recognize long service and excellent employees. We offer competitive salary and benefit packages – at least for certain positions.

    Here is what I read from Kathleen Taylor, president and COO of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts:

    “You cannot have a customer focus if you don’t have an employee focus……If an employee can move up in an organization, the likelihood of them moving out are on diminishes. So the number of opportunities that you give people to learn and develop is critical to keep them enthused and engaged.”

    I think, Employee Retention should be part of our strategic plan for 2010 and beyond. I hope to see it in your strategic plan soon.

    Albert Ng
    Library Technician – Public Services