Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blog's the place to weigh in on strategic planning themes

Our series of themed discussion groups begins this Monday, January 18. I look forward to seeing many College employees at these events.

To kickstart the dialogue, I've invited several College employees to guest blog on one of the 7 themes. Each blog post will be one person's opinion on how the College should respond to that theme.

As the Strategic Planning process moves ahead, it's vital that we focus on these 7 key themes and arrive at thoughtful responses to the questions they pose.

We'll use this blog to make the discussion as open and accessible as possible.

I invite you read what our guest bloggers have to say, then weigh in with your opinion, using the comments feature of the blog. (See the Dec. 22 post: "How to post a comment".)

My hope is that a lively discussion thread will emerge that will carry over into the face-to-face events.

Watch for the first guest blog from Associate Registrar Brenda Walton, on the theme of Learner Pathways, coming very soon - probably later today.


  1. The "read more" break should come earlier in the post, preferably after the first paragraph which acts as the hook.

  2. Thanks for tip Peter and thanks for the tweet to the President's blog!

  3. This is a comment about the strategic planning themes in general. While I find the strategic directions discussions both stimulating and energizing, I worry that the focus on specific themes moves us away from conversation about how best to carry out our primary enterprise: student learning.

    Is there a way to focus the themed group discussions within a context where student learning is affirmed as central to each theme?

  4. Lin,

    Thank you for that comment and for the helpful reminder that we are all about student learning. Indeed, I would hope that this consideration (the primary consideration) would inform and infuse all of our thinking about strategic directions for Douglas College. As I look at our Mission and Values, it is clear that Douglas College is now and always has been about students and themes such as internationalization, learner pathways, technology, and so on, need to be looked at in this light.

    Thank you again for that comment and for our conversation earlier on this subject.